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Governor Newsom, restore justice and end your moratorium.

โ€œ..and justice for all.โ€ See MoreSee Less

Governor Newsom, restore justice and end your moratorium.

โ€œ..and justice for all.โ€

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Newsome, just another Democratic liar!!!!

These crimes were committed in Calaveras County.

Thank you all for not being afraid to speak up! Be safe!

California: you didn’t see this coming?! Neither he nor his Aunt Nancy Pelosi should have ever been nominated. Beware! He is being groomed for future US President! Do not let this happen!

AND this is why people became vigilantes

Governor Newscum you knew what the people voted for before you decided to run for office and you go against their wishes and changed the rules… We are your boss sir and you need to resign so we can get a person of integrity in the Governors Office… Please turn in your resignation immediately!!!

No need for him to worry, he lives behind Gates and has his own armed security. SMH!

Ng and Lake were far worse than any monsters imaginable in recent times. Ng should have been executed immediately upon his conviction. The horror brought on these family's must be indescribable to say the least. GN has betrayed us all. He should have his head examined !!! ๐Ÿ˜ข

This is exactly what happens when you vote in Liberals when will people learn.

What’s really apparent here is that our governor has absolutely no heart

Me too and it’s our tax dollars taking care of him.

I hope the voters that put him in place are paying attention. ๐Ÿ™

Bring back the gallos and put it on pay per view. This case was a case of no questions- he is 100% guilty. He needs to be put down.

This country was never defended by the likes of those people who fill the leadership in this state.


Liberals think he should also be able to vote!

Your absolutely right! He is just seeking favor with people he thinks will promote him .

Anyone who has ever heard of the atrocities in hideous detail of this animal knows that anything short of death is a severe injustice to the victims & their families. I DO NOT want my tax dollars to support his prison term! Let Gavin & those in favor of “saving” him support him! If these animals are not on death row, they get the privileges afforded to all the other inmates! Think about that!

I said when the Lindhurst HS killer was given the death sentence that he would never be executed by the state of California. I was told I didnt know what I was talking about. WELLโ€ผ๏ธ

Many think that converting a sentence to life from death row is just a formality, NOT. This switch allows these worse of the worse prisoners to go from 23 hours in cell solo and 1 hour in a caged exercise yard on death row to being allowed to mingle 24/7 in the common areas of the lifer wing, many considered hero’s for killing cops. This is a moral outrage and should be fought at every turn..

The horrible things this man did to children to film their parents. Keeping him alive costs taxpayers millions. It's a disgrace.

Abort liberals

Protect the death penalty, but ban abortions? Oxymoron or hypocrisy?

Thank you again for bringing these cases to the forefront. Some so quickly forget there are innocent victims behind these stories.

Thanks Placer County Sheriffs

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In honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day the White House was lit in blue tonight.
#nationalpoliceweek #honorthefallen
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In honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day the White House was lit in blue tonight.
#nationalpoliceweek #honorthefallen

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On news tonight saw widow Mrs.Singh wife of Officer Singh with their child thank President and ask that more is done to bring justice for families who've loss love ones in line of duty. She showed courage. God Bless her

As it should be! God bless and keep safe our law enforcement community!!!! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿš”โค๏ธ

Thank you guys for sharing that.

That is so awesome and to have a President that honors you!๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

Sent a thank you to my police officer step-son!โค๏ธ

Remember when the last president we had did that? Cause I sure as hell don’t remember him doing that. President inviting Mrs. Ronil Singh to come up to his platform. It's very good of him. Also Reggie Singh (brother of Ronil) was thankful for President Trump reaching out to their family several times with compassion.

Finally a president that respects law enforcement ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธโค๏ธ

Thank you President Trump!

As it should be.


Thank You to all our LEO’s




Oh please give me a break. The only cop Trump likes is a dead one killed my an illegal immigrant!!!
You people will be so crushed when you come to that realization!
And I've met and worked with more dead cops than you!!!
Should have bathed the WH in blood red.

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6 days ago

Placer County Deputy Sheriffs' Association

The South Placer Jail booking area remains closed after yesterday’s incident involving an unknown substance, which took four inmates, eight jail staff members and one K9 Officer to the hospital. The booking area is in the process of being cleaned at this time.

We have confirmed an inmate brought the unknown substance into booking yesterday afternoon, but we do not have any more details.

The affected individuals have been released from the hospital and are expected to be ok.
Toxicology tests are being done to determine the substance that led to the affected individuals falling ill. The substance was initially suspected to be Fentanyl, but that has since been ruled out as a possibility, and the substance remains unknown. See MoreSee Less

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Prayers for all affected and your speedy recovery! ๐Ÿ™

Wow. That’s scary

Hope everyone is ok.

Hope you're all okay.

wth? want me to bring down my jumper cables and a battery so we can have a talk with the inmate? #mypcso getwellquick!

Hope you find out what the substance is! That's a big deal!

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7 days ago

Placer County Deputy Sheriffs' Association

๐Ÿ˜ฏAt 3:00 p.m. Roseville Fire responded to a call at the South Placer Jail (Placer County Sheriff's Office) on Go For Broke Road in Roseville for complaints of an inmate showing altered level of consciousness. Upon arrival fire units found multiple inmates as well as deputies suffering unknown medical issues. It was determined that one of the prisoners had brought an unknown substance into the jail booking area.

Currently there have been four inmates, eight deputies and one K-9 Officer treated on scene, put through a decontamination process by fire personnel, and transported by American Medical Response – Sacramento Valley EMS to local hospitals. Three other inmates and three other deputies were treated on scene and put through a decontamination process.

Roseville Fire is currently working to determine the substance that was brought into the jail. Once cleared the building will be turned back over to Placer County officials. There is currently no threat to anyone else at the facility as the area has been isolated.

Update 7:40 p.m.- Crews were not able to identify a substance that caused the incident. See MoreSee Less


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Glad every officer is ok.

How is the K-9 doing?

So Sorry, PCSO๐Ÿ˜ข. Thanks to Roseville Fire Department immediate response. Firefighters save lives everyday no matter what the call is or who it is
But the community of First Responders are hit harder when it is one of their own. They know each other by first name. Awesome teamwork!


Dang !

Sending prayers

"Crews were not able to identify a substance that caused the incident." So… we'll just never know? Or is that for press purposes? I can't imagine PCSO is fine accepting that; not getting to the bottom of what happened in your own jail. Please clarify?

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