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While arresting a person on the street or gaining control in a custodial setting, sometimes the person will spit at the officers. To protect the officer from potentially harmful germs, a โ€œspit maskโ€ is placed on the arrestee. The mask allows the person to breathe easily while preventing their saliva to travel through the mask.

If someone spits on an officer during an arrest not only will they be subject to having a spit mask placed on them, they may be charged with a crime. From the video released by Sac PD, it shows their officers took the correct actions.

Ask yourself this question,
Would you be more upset if during an investigation:
A) Your child had a spit mask put on them?
B) Your child had spit on an officer in the first place?
๐Ÿค” incident has prompted the family to call for an apology from the police department. See MoreSee Less

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Great job mom in enabling your son by coming to his defense when clearly he was in the wrong. I’m certain with your attitude in how you publicly addressed this issue you’ll be in front of the camera again, again and again in the future on his behalf. I’m holding out hope for him though that he’ll reflect on the wrongfulness of his acts that got him in his situation in the first place. He certainly can’t rely on you to steer him right.

Copy of my comment on a post from a newscast post . . .
"My mother wouldn't even show her face on t.v. let alone ask for an apology! If this were my family I would get a spanking by BOTH of my parents, I'd be grounded for 3 months, I'd have to apologize to the officer, and do community service!
Truth be told I'd want to go with the police instead of having to face my parents! As it should be!
Teach it.
Learn it.
Pass it on.
Yes Sir, no Miss___, Yes please, no thank you, excuse me, do you mind if I . . . Etcetera.
If you give respect, you will be respected."
The child should apologize.

My child spitting at an officer! Just because there has been a few bad apples in the Leo family doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have respect for them. They have a very tough job. It’s amazing after the threats , verbal abuse and just the day to day stress They can do that as a career

Poor little baby, you spit on anyone or even look as though you are going to spit on anyone, MASK ALL THE WAY..those officers put their lives on the line everyday, what he needs is a good butt whipping and taught some respect. Great job officers, keep up the good work!

Would have to discipline him for a long, long time. But my kids were brought up with a career Marine for a father….so not much chance of something like spitting on ANYONE happening at our house.

An apology??!? For keeping both officer and suspect safe? I think you should arrest the parents of this miscreant, for lousy parenting.

The officers did this youngster a favor.
First, by teaching him a little “reverse feeling of degradation” and second, “what to expect his future to look like” if he continues (spitting) degrading others.
His mom said he was angry, degraded and didn’t know what to expect.
Instead of being tased or shot, he received a reasonable, natural consequence and now will know what to expect in the future.
Job well done!

Parents should be upset when their children misbehave. They are not little angels but bullies and gangsters in the making. Wake up people. It’s your job to teach right from wrong and respect for others. End rant.

Really sad that those who protect us have to deal with this kind of unruly behavior from our children! The mother asking for an apology..REALLY!!!! Let him spit on her and see her reaction!! I bet it's not a firm handling of the situation on her end!!! Just saying!! Go PD..#BACKTHEBLUE

Police absolutely have the right to put hood spit guard on this boy! I saw this story with his mother complaining. He wasnt a toddler! He’s 12 yrs old!! Thats old enough to know right from wrong. She was playing it up for camera for vain reason and trying to start up race issue. She says police were disrespectful and treating him badly. Why hadn’t she taught her son to respect police of authority and that it’s not ok to spit at anyone ever!!! He was combative with police! It’s obviously ok to put this spit preventing shear hood on him!! This issue should be history dismissed as just a ploy by mom to be on camera to dish on police. Sadly children like this boy come from dysfunctional household.

In the old days we used panty hose so they could spit on themselves. I was not about to catch one of their communicable diseases. They could still breath fine. Thank you guys for your service!! 100% here!!

It was justified I’m sure. Sadly, too often today’s parents would rather look for an opportunity to make money than teach their kids a lesson.

Thank you for bagging the spitter

The term serve and protect is for the community in which means in this case the officers also had to protect themselves from this juvenile from not obeying commands from officers. I’m glad they put the spitter bag on. If you want to act like an animal and not comply then this is what your going to get put over your head and face! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿš”๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป The question is I wonder where he learned this behavior and thinks it’s ok to disrespect LEO……… it all starts at home! Just saying.

I worked in ER in a Placer County Hospital and had, shall we say, uncooperative and obnoxious patients occasionally that have had a mask put on by PCSO after they started slinging the saliva.
Sorry, but their feelings are quite secondary to the health and safety of those of us around them that have to do our jobs.
Sorry that 12 year old thought he could get away spitting in an officer’s face without any repercussions. Welcome to cause and effect. Very sorry that mom didn’t apologize for her son’s behavior. She is not doing him, or the world around him, any favors.

Where does respect and good citizen include spitting at anyone. Obviously child rearing and role models are void in this young man’s life.

Let him suffer the consequences of his actions. Lessons learned the hard way are lessons remembered!

I like the question you posted! Officer safety comes first! That kid was disrespectful.

If my child ever spits on or at an officer I would be mortified! And would suggest he get a education in hard knocks immediately!!!

It’s unfortunately the world we live in where some (not all) people spend time looking for ways out of things, not owning up to their actions, free rides, etc., then they do looking for ways to work for things, better themselves and be upstanding humans. We live in the ENTITLEMENT ERA! It starts at home with a solid foundation, consequences for actions, respect and structure. I watched the raw video and was furious not only of the minors actions but also that of the adults actions and disrespect for law enforcement. Apple didn’t fall far from that family tree. Having multiple family members both on the streets and as CO’s in law enforcement I pray over them daily not only for protection, but also for strength to withstand the disrespect of society.

There would be no way I would be a cop thank you for all you do and the bs now adays you have coming at safe

If my child spit on an officer, the criminal charge would be the least of his worries.

Absolutely nothing wrong with this…the boy even admitted to spitting…

Worked at a level 14 group home for at risk teenage boys for about 6 years and would have benefited from being able to use a spit mask like this. There were too many times in which staff got spit in their eye or mouth. It seems wrong when you don't understand the circumstances. Spit can be just as dangerous, especially if you don't know the medical history.

I try not to comment on these things, but come on mom. Your child needs to grow up. You need to grow up, take responsiblity! Don’t blame the officers because your child is out of control.

In the maximum security prison we use them regularly. Keep yourself safe.

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Governor Newsom, restore justice and end your moratorium.

โ€œ..and justice for all.โ€ See MoreSee Less

Governor Newsom, restore justice and end your moratorium.

โ€œ..and justice for all.โ€

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The people made their wishes known Mr Governor. Let’s get it done start clearing out this human waste

Thank you again for bringing these cases to the forefront. Some so quickly forget there are innocent victims behind these stories.

Thank you all for not being afraid to speak up! Be safe!

Thank you for continuing to share these stories.

Newsome, just another Democratic liar!!!!

California: you didn’t see this coming?! Neither he nor his Aunt Nancy Pelosi should have ever been nominated. Beware! He is being groomed for future US President! Do not let this happen!

No need for him to worry, he lives behind Gates and has his own armed security. SMH!

Governor Newscum you knew what the people voted for before you decided to run for office and you go against their wishes and changed the rules… We are your boss sir and you need to resign so we can get a person of integrity in the Governors Office… Please turn in your resignation immediately!!!

What’s really apparent here is that our governor has absolutely no heart

Ng and Lake were far worse than any monsters imaginable in recent times. Ng should have been executed immediately upon his conviction. The horror brought on these family's must be indescribable to say the least. GN has betrayed us all. He should have his head examined !!! ๐Ÿ˜ข

I hope the voters that put him in place are paying attention. ๐Ÿ™

Bring back the gallos and put it on pay per view. This case was a case of no questions- he is 100% guilty. He needs to be put down.


Your absolutely right! He is just seeking favor with people he thinks will promote him .

AND this is why people became vigilantes

Thanks Placer County Sheriffs

I said when the Lindhurst HS killer was given the death sentence that he would never be executed by the state of California. I was told I didnt know what I was talking about. WELLโ€ผ๏ธ

Many think that converting a sentence to life from death row is just a formality, NOT. This switch allows these worse of the worse prisoners to go from 23 hours in cell solo and 1 hour in a caged exercise yard on death row to being allowed to mingle 24/7 in the common areas of the lifer wing, many considered hero’s for killing cops. This is a moral outrage and should be fought at every turn..

Anyone who has ever heard of the atrocities in hideous detail of this animal knows that anything short of death is a severe injustice to the victims & their families. I DO NOT want my tax dollars to support his prison term! Let Gavin & those in favor of “saving” him support him! If these animals are not on death row, they get the privileges afforded to all the other inmates! Think about that!

The horrible things this man did to children to film their parents. Keeping him alive costs taxpayers millions. It's a disgrace.

Me too and it’s our tax dollars taking care of him.

Newsom could b looking at a recall if he keeps deliberately going against peoples wishes

This country was never defended by the likes of those people who fill the leadership in this state.

Nothing but a lying two-faced politician that became emperor of California

Some of us are against the death penalty. We voted for Newsom. The death penalty does not deter violence. We know it has been applied unfairly. Of course Charles Ng deserves it. But let him suffer with life behind bars the rest of his life.

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In honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day the White House was lit in blue tonight.
#nationalpoliceweek #honorthefallen
See MoreSee Less

In honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day the White House was lit in blue tonight.
#nationalpoliceweek #honorthefallen

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As it should be! God bless and keep safe our law enforcement community!!!! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿš”โค๏ธ

Thank you guys for sharing that.

On news tonight saw widow Mrs.Singh wife of Officer Singh with their child thank President and ask that more is done to bring justice for families who've loss love ones in line of duty. She showed courage. God Bless her

Sent a thank you to my police officer step-son!โค๏ธ

Thank You to all our LEO’s

That is so awesome and to have a President that honors you!๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

Remember when the last president we had did that? Cause I sure as hell don’t remember him doing that.

Finally a president that respects law enforcement ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธโค๏ธ

Thank you President Trump!

As it should be. President inviting Mrs. Ronil Singh to come up to his platform. It's very good of him. Also Reggie Singh (brother of Ronil) was thankful for President Trump reaching out to their family several times with compassion.





Oh please give me a break. The only cop Trump likes is a dead one killed my an illegal immigrant!!!
You people will be so crushed when you come to that realization!
And I've met and worked with more dead cops than you!!!
Should have bathed the WH in blood red.

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