Board appointments / Negotiations update

A vacancy existed on the board of directors for the position of Treasurer as nobody chose to run for that position in the election. In accordance with the bylaws, the board unanimously voted to appoint Ken Kim to the position of Treasurer. This created a vacancy in Ken Kim’s old Director seat. Travis Thornsberry was appointed to fill the vacant Director seat by a vote of the board which was also unanimous. Both Ken and Travis have showed a very high level of motivation and dedication to the Association over the past 12 months having attended nearly every board meeting and volunteering to serve on several committees. We look forward to continuing to work with both of them in their new positions.


Numerous members assigned to the Tahoe station have voiced their concern regarding a Tahoe assigned member not being on the negotiations team. The entire board met in closed session this evening and the decision was made that Ken Kim would step down from the negotiations team and that Dave Hunt would take his place. We are committed to working hard to achieve the best possible deal we can for all of our members.

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