Grievance filed on behalf of members for failure to pay night shift differential

Your DSA Board has filed a grievance in response to the Counties failure to pay night shift differential owed to numerous employees. Multiple employees have been underpaid due to the County failing to accurately compensate them with their 7.5% night shift differential for qualifying overtime shifts worked. Treasurer Frederito and Vice-President Scofield met with Administrative Services Manager Mark Giacomini multiple times both in person and via telephone in an attempt to get the Sheriff’s Office and County to back pay the night shift differential that they had failed to pay to our members. After being put off by the County for several weeks and seeing no real progress towards a resolution, your DSA Board of Directors voted unanimously to file a grievance on behalf of the members regarding the Counties failure to properly compensate them for hours worked. Click on the link below to read the actual grievance filing.


***There is a high probability that this effects you so please begin looking through your past pay stubs to see if you worked qualifying swing / mid shifts where you were not paid the 7.5% shift differential you were owed for working that shift!

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