Update: Vacation policy / Blue Team policy

The DSA has been working closely with Administration to update the vacation policy in Field Operations. We have worked together to eliminate the 30-day bump rule that previously existed and allowed for an employee with approved vacation time off to have that approved time off rescinded up to 30 days prior to the start of his/her vacation. Field Operations has implemented a new process similar to what is currently in place in the Corrections Division where beginning of rotation vacation requests will be handled by the Admin. Sergeant and approved on a strict seniority basis. Once all initial vacation requests have been set, we will proceed through the rest of the rotation on a first come first served vacation approval process.

The DSA along with David Mastagni Jr. have worked closely with Cpt. Swearingen and the PSU unit to come up with a Blue Team policy that we believe serves the needs of the Sheriff’s Office while simultaneously protecting our employees. The most notable change has been the elimination of Deputies being responsible for Blue Team entries. Entries will now be the responsibility of the employee’s direct supervisor.

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